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FLEXICART shopping basket


Innovative wheeled shopping basket patented by Bizzarri Srl  puts an end to the classic issue of broken handles!
The structure with an in-built handle ensures durability and excellent comfort just like a cart. The 64-litre (3900 cubic inches) payload capacity increases customers’ shopping.
Flexicart meets the most important needs of a modern store by providing:
• DURABILITY – the handle built into the structure and the quality of the materials and manufacturing processes make it an indestructible product.
It does not require any maintenance and considerably reduces the number of wheeled baskets to replace over time.
• SALES INCREAS – a 64-litre capacity stimulates customers’ shopping and increases the average receipt.
• COMFORT – exceptional manoeuvrability even when it is fully loaded. Goods do not fall out. The bag-holder hook leaves your hands free. It is also useful to hang delicate products, like fruit.
• DESIGN – entirely designed and made in Italy.
• SAVINGS – large and resistant like a cart for the price of a plastic wheeled basket.

Product name Code Color Description Length (mm) Packaging unit (pcs)
SB64L FLEXICART 800001 red Ask for other colors! 64 liter 120  
SB64L FLEXICART 800002 blue Ask for other colors! 65 liter 120  
SB64L FLEXICART 800003 green Ask for other colors! 66 liter 120